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Orchard Road Animal Hospital Puppy School


Orchard Road Animal Hospital holds puppy socialization classes for our clients.  Classes meet every Tuesday at 6:30 pm in the clinic and will be one hour long in duration. The goal of the classes is to socialize puppies, begin basic training such as sit, stay, and come, teach owners skills to prevent problems before they start and to discuss common misconceptions on dog training. 

All puppies between 7 and 14 weeks of age who have been vaccinated at least once with DH(L)PPC at least 10 days prior and Bordetella spp. at least 3 days prior are welcome to attend.  We also require a negative fecal sample.  We strongly encourage multiple members of the family to join your furry family member in these classes.

Dr. Joel Huffman is in charge of the classes.  He attended Purdue University`s "DOGS! Principles and Techniques of Behavior Modification" course.  The methods used are based on scientific facts and learning theory.  They are positive and fun, and consist of absolutely no aversive punishment (we will discuss the ineffectiveness of aversive, punishment-based techniques).

We discuss a different topic each week and after four weeks, the topics will start again.  Thus, as long as your puppy meets the criteria set forth above, you can join us at the next Tuesday night session.  Eventually, you get the benefit of each session no matter when you start.

Every other Tuesday, we have a 30 minute orientation session that you must attend once.  You may attend one class before orientation if your first class is on a Tuesday where an orientation session is not offered. 

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